Verkhoturye kremlin

Verkhoturye Kremlin

As well as for many other cities, which were the first advanced posts of development of Urals Mountains and Siberia, the wooden fortress served as the beginning of Verhoturye. It was erected on ennobled rocky bank of the river Tura in 1598. On the territory of the fortress there were barns for treasury, House of Commander, court yard, wooden Trinity church, and other administrative and economic constructions.

Up to the end of XVII century the wooden fortress repeatedly suffered from fires and was reconstructed. In 1698 in, as well as in Tobolsk, under Peter I decree the construction of the stone Kremlin began. The territory of the Kremlin was enclosed by fortifications and towers. Inside of the new stone House of Commander, Decrees chambers, barns, guards’ room and cooks’ room were erected. The brightest architectural dominant of Verhoture Kremlin became stone Trinity cathedral constructed on blessing of the Siberian metropolitan Filofey Leschinsky.

Today on the territory of Verhoture Kremlin there are several administrative buildings, which are the monuments of architecture of XVIII – XIX centuries. Among them: the House of Commander, Decrees chambers, barns, district exchequer.

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