The history of my town

 I begin my story.

Among the Urals historical settlements the town Verkhoturye is district, surrounded by a special halo. A small town became the “gates to Siberia” – a gigantic country added to the State of Moscow.

Artemy Babinov became a pioneer and builder of a new road. The Babinov Road connected Solikamsk with the upper reaches of the river Tura. As a result, the distance between Moscow and Siberia was cut down by 1000 versts.

The construction of Verkhoturye began in spring 1598 by the Tsar’s edict. The fortress was erected by people hired from Cherdyn, the streltsy from a small town Lozva and war prisoners taken under the fall of the Kazan Khanate. Already in August 1598 a messenger arrived in Moscow with a «draught» for the Verkhoturye wooden kremlin and ostrog (stockade). The first fortress or wooden Kremlin was felled on the sheer stone bank of the Tura-river. Here the money, sable and salt treasury, munitions and grain supplies for Siberian towns were kept. The military garrisons were also quar­tered in this place. In the 1600s the youngest sons of the Russian nobility, clergy, townspeople, peasants and streltsy formed a settlement next to the kremlia, The new settlement – «posad» –gradually filled the interfluvial area of the Tura-river and its two tributaries. The fortifications of the kremlin and the posad converged. In the second half of the 17th cen­tury they extended for 640-645 sagenes. The wooden 10-13 sagenes in high towers of ostrog, were linked with wooden walls too, thus making Verkhoturye an impregnable place.

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